April 2024

After long months of cold and rainy weather,
we are finally heading towards nicer days.
Exit the comfort flavors, welcome fresher fragrances.

And to start off this new era, we made room for the long awaited Pistachio Escargot ! Often imitated, never equaled !
It has been missed by many during its hibernation,
but some of you will be a bit upset to see the Hazelnut one gone.

And on the weekends ? What about we take you on a little trip !
This tart should do the trick. Coconut frangipane in a tart.
Cubes of mangos. Passion fruit gel. Vanilla whipped ganache.
Music to my hear, a ray of sun on your taste buds.

We will have some other surprises this month,
so keep an eye on our socials for the next announcements.

See you soon !