Frequently Asked Questions

  • When are you open?

We are open on Wednesday morning from 8:00 - 12:00 for walk-ins and on Saturday from 09:00 - 16:00 for pre-orders. On Saturday we have a limited amount of stock available for walk-ins, check out the 'walk-in on Saturday' question for more info.

  • How does the pre-order system work?

The webshop opens on Tuesday morning and closes on Thursday evening for Saturday pick-ups. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to get the notification that the shop is open.

  • The item I would like to order for Saturday is sold out, what can I do?

It is possible that items get sold out. We do our best to keep up with the demand, but are only capable of producing a limited amount of stock. You can always keep an eye on our instagram stories to see if any extra's are added, but we can't guarantee extra's for every week or every item. 

  • Can I walk-in the shop on Saturday and buy items if I didn't order?

Yes, you can. We try to have extra's throughout the day on the counter for walk-ins, but this is only a limited amount. 

  • Will all the items be available on Saturdays' walk-ins?

There is no guarantee on which items will be on the counter. We check on Saturday morning what we can sell for walk-ins.

  • Is it possible to place a special order for another day?

Yes. You can go to the website contact page and send us a message with information about what you have in mind. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible with the options and extra information.

  • Why aren't you open everyday?

Our goal is to be open five days a week as soon as possible. We are busy renovating, taste testing, production testing etc. For now we are a small team of two and need all our extra time attending "behind the scenes" for our new and growing business. 
We are very grateful for all the positive reactions and customers wanting our products everyday. We hope that you understand that sometimes things take time and that we are excited to update you with any positive news.

  • I am not subscribed to the newsletter, how can I stay up to date?

You can click on the news pages to read back all the newsletters that have been send out. Here you can find details and information about how it's going with Grammes.


Thank you for supporting us and we hope to see you soon!