April 2024 (2/2)

Coucou toi ! It's Nawal today!

Koningsdag is coming and aren't we all excited?
As a Dutchie myself, I have always enjoyed the early morning thrift shopping and wandering around. There's just something magical about a whole city selling their own stuff right in front of their door. No judgement, just bonding over someone's "junk" being another person their treasure (iemands rotzooi is altijd andermans schat) !

Maybe more importantly, there is always the tradition of een tompouce eten. Don't judge me! but personally I have never been someone that eats a lot of tompouce. The one that Max created though, stole my heart. The balance between the slightly sour passion fruit coulis and the creamy vanilla mascarpone cream just .. well it's just soo freaking good.

I should cut my story short (eventhough I could go on and on about how proud I am of Max and how I feel very fortunate to make pictures of all of our products and get to taste them first whenever I make a photograph..)

- some important information -

- our Tompouce will be available in the shop and via pre-order
on Friday 26 and Saturday 27
- on koningsdag the shop will be open from 9:00 until 13:00

Koningsdag! Oranje Tompoucen! Let's goooo!