March 2024 (2/2)

Are we the only ones or does this year feel like it’s flying by?!
It’s already Easter!
And with Easter comes Hot Cross Buns!
We made our own version of this special brioche, and upgraded it with spices, raisins and candied orange peels for a fragrant, fluffy and echt lekker result.

Attention, it will only be available on Friday 29th
and Saturday 30th of March, so make sure you pre-order, we'll have limited supplies.
Feeling like sharing ? You can also get the Easter Brioche in
a 18cm loaf (ONLY on pre-order).
Buns will be available via pre-order and in the shop.

Haven't tried the Hazelnut tart yet ? Here is your last oppurtunity, as we'll switch some products from April.

See you soon !