May 2024

You know that Spring is finally here when you get 3 consecutive days of sun.
But also, when the strawberries are so red and juicy, that we can only use them as it is.

For that reason, we are offering our Tarte Aux Fraises this month,
with a nice base of frangipane and cooked strawberries,
a vanilla pastry cream lighten with mascarpone,
fresh pieces of Strawberries, and seasoned with a pesto.

Yes, I said Pesto. Don't be affraid, we are making it in house,
so it not salted, and it complements the fruit in a way
you will want to discover.
We'll use either Gariguette (Label Rouge from France)
or Lambada, depending on our provider.

Because one good news does not arrive alone (usually),
Grammes will now open on Tuesdays, from May 7th.
5 days/opportunities to fulfill your butter and coffee needs.

See you soon !