November 2023

Fall is well established.
It is time to release some of our Autumn products.

Exit the Pistachio Escargot ! Welcome its cousin Hazelnut.
With a nicely roasted hazelnut powder as base for the cream,
and a beautiful hazelnut spread on top, you won't mind the pistachio taking a break until Spring.

On the pastry side, our (updated) Mont-Blanc is back!
If you tried our Signature Bûche last December, you'll find hints of Yuzu, a citrus from Japan, to balance out and elevate
the chestnut with a "peps".

We also decided to keep the big vanilla flan
on pre-order for any weekdays, and we'll also have it on the counter for Fridays and Saturdays.
No more slices until further notice :/

See you soon!