October 2023

This October 2023 marks a decade since I left Pierre Hermé.
It was my first experience as an employed pastry chef, and the 4 years spent there clearly shaped the pâtissier I have became.
Curiously enough, I have seen many of old colleagues over the last few months. While reminiscing the old days, we all talked about that one Pierre Hermé dessert that changed our taste buds :
Tarte Infiniment Vanille.

Every Friday and Saturday of October, we are bringing that tart
to Amsterdam, with a grammes twist of course.
We re-worked the design, removing the glaze originally used,
and Nawal came up with the idea of using a smoked vanilla powder to decorate in order to add a bit more depth to the tasting.

While Ayaka is on holiday for the whole month, we will still be on the hunt of a new colleague to help in the kitchen.
Nawal will be helping a lot, fortunately, but it will also mean that we will have to reduce our range a bit, and we will try our best
to meet a constantly growing demand.
The Flan Parisien will only be available as a 4-6 people size, and only on pre-order.

See you soon !