Week 10

The development process for croissants keeps going.

I forgot how many factors could influence the results. From folding, to the thickness of the dough, the length and width ratio before rolling, the butter we use and therefore the temperature of proofing, which itself will change the amount of time the croissant needs to proof for... So many variables that need to be thought about. This week, I will try butter number 5, 6 and 7 for the viennoiserie. After these, I will decide which one to use based on the taste and how easy/hard it is to work with.

Being back more often in a kitchen gives me new inspiration. The Layered Brioche on Saturday afternoon is starting to be a nice tradition to grab on the counter. Some of you got their hands on the regular version (in 3 sizes), and this time there was a chocolate version. Next to it, we offered a Lemon croissant and regular Pain au Chocolat.

Other exciting news.
Internet should arrive this week, so does the pin machine. This will allow you to buy the Saturday Specials items from the counter without going through the website once you are at the shop.
Next week, there will also be an extra walk-in day.
One step closer towards the opening!

This week, let's enjoy a mango version of the Mille-Feuille, and get the sun we do not have outside. The OG version will be available as well.

The quantity of croissants available for this weekend will increase, but will still be limited (there is only so much we can make, even if Nawal helps me). A restock will happen on Friday based on how much I managed to make, alongside with the Chocolate Croissants and Pain au Chocolat. Keep an eye on the IG about when the products will be available online (there is no need to contact us in advance about these)

Stay dry, and see you Saturday !