Week 14

Some of you read the newsletter entirely, but some of you do not. This time, we need to put the important announces at the top : Exceptionally this week, the shop will stay closed on Wednesday, and we will be open on Saturday only.

We also trying out something new : pick-up time slots. You can choose yours at check out, or while selecting your first item. There will be a 30 minutes window to pick up your order, so we are counting on you to respect it as much as possible. We hope this would help with not having too many big groups at once, even though every one are very careful with others while waiting. Make sure you select the right date as well, we would like to try it for this week only.

For the past weeks, we have spend most of our time trying to increase quantities and offering more opening days. But in the process, we lost some time with administration, construction work, and the production schedule became less efficient.

Because they are as important as good products, we have decided to make time for them this week, in order to be back with a better plan for the future of grammes. Ultimately, it will be opening 5 days with all the products you want, in adequate quantities, and plenty of other surprises.

Talking about surprises, this Saturday, we will offer all the regular products in the morning. But if you decide to come in the afternoon, we will have new/ different products, such as the caramel-peanut Kouign Amaan, a strawberry danish, or even a maxi-cookie with Hazelnut praliné.

I hope you enjoyed Easter, and we see you on Saturday !