Week 16

A milestone is going to be crossed this week. Since we started to use the webshop, more than 950 orders have been placed and fulfilled. Most of the time without any error, but we are grateful for having comprehensive customers when there were some mistakes. To celebrate this step in our development, we decided to reimburse the order of whoever will place our 1000th order.

We also changed some of the pick-up options. You can now only order for the upcoming Saturday, and pastry of the week cannot be booked before 12:00. You have a 30min window to pick up your order. If you all come at the beginning of the time slot, a line will be created (which we are trying to avoid). If that happens, please line up on the bench side of the shop, to leave room for pedestrians.

This weekend, we will introduce new items in the shop : Wines. We know it is not usual to buy wine bottles at your local pastry shop, but our love for (french) nature wines is too big. We will offer a selection made with Jan Van Roekel from Clavelin, composed by 2 reds, 2 whites and 1 bubble. We hope you will enjoy them as much as ourselves (always with moderation).

You will have the choice to pair the wines with our infamous Mille-Feuille or its strawberry version. And in anticipation of next week's King's Day, we are also working on a more traditional Tompouce for Tuesday.

See you soon, and you might be our 1000th order !