Week 17

After celebrating our 1000th order last week (lucky Julia...), today we celebrate the king of Holland's birthday (lucky Willem-Alexander...). Sometimes I wish my birthday was a national holiday as well, but oddly, it feels like it is never on a weekend neither.

For the occasion, we will have some TomPouces and Orange Madeleines on the counter, in addition to the regular items you can usually find on Wednesdays. You would have guessed it, we are open today, but not tomorrow.

Last Saturday was the crash test for 2 new items: wines and cheese twits/sticks. That last one was developed with Nawal (@fragile_food) and got sold before I could save one for ourselves. It is composed with a mornay sauce, cheddar cheese and we added some in-house pickled jalapeños for an extra kick. There will be some today as well, and will probably be back on the regular once the shop will open 5 days a week.

These past weeks, I have noticed an improvement of the taste from the strawberries That's why I decided to offer a strawberry tart for this Saturday. I have paired the fruits with a Lemon Thyme infused chantilly, that goes super well with the strawberry flavours. You might have tasted that light flavour in the previous danishes, in the strawberry jam in the middle of them.

Let's hope the website will not crash like last week while ordering.
If you manage to order the dessert of the week before 12, we will contact you and change your time slot.

See you later today, or see you Saturday !


Reminder :
- Pre-order your treats for Saturday
(if sold-out, there will be 
no restock).
- Tomorrow, we will be 
- Saturday, make sure you come at the right time based on your time slot.
- Some products will be available on the counter for walk-ins in the afternoon.