Week 19

Weeks are passing by with an impressive speed. We have been "open" for 19 weeks now. Even though we are offering a different dessert every week, time starts to look too much the same for me. I have reached a point where I have max-ed out my productivity to meet the demand. I am sure I could do even more, but it seems like I cannot find the right headspace to do so, because when I am at the shop, my brain is purely focused on producing in time, without neglecting the quality grammes is known for. After each Saturday, we debrief how the week went and think about ways to improve our flaws. Once I try to apply them, I often realize that because most of our products need time to be made, days are getting longer, and an extra set of hands would be more than welcome. When Nawal or other friends, like Vasco or Gerard, came to help out these past weeks, it felt really good to get shit done faster, come home earlier for some administration, but mostly, teach again.

We are then starting to build our long term team, looking for 2 people to join our roster : - 1 FOH with some experience in a similar industry (Dutch/English speaking and coffee skills are a plus) - 1 pastry chef with 1 to 3 years experience (viennoiserie skills is a plus)

If that is you, you can send us your resume, and we will get in touch with the people selected to give them more informations about the position.

This week, I will need to spend more time out of the kitchen, because I am getting really late on schedule to fix the rest of the shop, the part customers do not see, but which are as important for a good work flow and work condition. Therefore, there will not be dessert of the week this Saturday. However, I will come up with different products, like the lime layered brioche (available for pre-order), croissant loaves, danishes, coffee filled croissants etc... depends on the inspiration coming through the week.

Last important news, we will be closed on May 22nd and 26th.

Have a nice week and see you soon !