Week 20

As we announced in last week's newsletter, we will be closed on May 22nd and 26th. Actually, we will be out of town till the 27th. This way, we should be back on time to produce some nice treats for the 29th, depending on the latest recommendations from the government tomorrow. Else we will see you on the 2nd of June.

If you need a grammes fix this week, we will exceptionally open from 8am till 4pm tomorrow with some of our signature sweets, but also our new vanilla croissant that you might have seen on Saturday (limited supply).

It is risky for any business to take some time off. In our case, it means losing at least 2 days of sales out of our usual 8 opening days per month. But it is needed. Just like in the lumberjack tale, if you never make time to sharpen your axe, you cannot be efficient every single day (am I the only one knowing that tale or did I make this one up ?)

We will use that time "off" to work a bit more efficiently about the next steps for grammes. Like planning more in advance the pastries of the week, until the counter is being re-done so we can have a cake display (oups, spoiler alert !), finding ways to improve our presence on social medias and post more about how products are made (which is hard when your hands are covered in butter all day), and plenty other little things, which will all have an impact on our future (like an itsy-tiny crowdfunding...) We will also visit the mill we are getting our flour from, Moulins Viron in Chartres. I have visited them twice already (in 2007 with school and in 2012 when I was at Pierre Hermé), and their facilities are always improving. I am excited to see the space again, meet and exchange with the bakers there, and get back with fresh new ideas (and some cool flour samples).

We received some good applications for the pastry chef position, and some applying for part-time which could be useful in the future. I will look into it in the next few days and will contact some of you for an interview. Then, onto the front of house staff search, and if all goes to according to the plan, we should open more days this summer (yay! finally!)


We hope to see a lot of you tomorrow, we will miss you all, but we will be back soon.

Reminder : - No Pre-order this week. - Tomorrow, we will be open from 8 to 16 - We will be closed on May 22nd and 26th. - We might be closed for longer depending on the latest covid-updates.