Week 22

Guys ! The news is on : our PCR test is negative. Which is positive, right ? We are super excited to have you back in the shop this week !

The time off we had in France was not as off as we were expecting. I have to admit it was kind of nice to have to quarantine this weekend, even though the weather was so good. Finally some beautiful days ahead of us, we will soon complement our offer with a small selection of soft drinks, once we find a suitable fridge to display them.

With Nawal, we also discussed the idea to start a crowdfunding campaign. The search for a way to finance an espresso machine on our own is taking too long, because our company is too young. Even though every people we have talked to about a possible lease believe in the potential of the project, it was not enough for them. We have been building grammes with our own money since the beginning, with the help of some providers, no banks nor big investors, brick by brick, re-investing every croissant's dimes in the company. Coffee equipment represents a loooot of croissants.

But now, we know people who believe in the project for months, in our products, and are showing love and support every week. You ! So why not ?! In a couple of weeks, we will need a bit of your generosity (depending on your means) in order to make that purchase, alongside with a participation to our new counter (with a cake display, yay) and other kitchen equipments. Everything will be explained in the campaign, such as the total amount needed, the interest rate, the compensation you would get based on your participation, etc....

Enough bla-bla, and let's talk pastry now ! This week, we'll get back to basics. We will be open on Wednesday for walk-ins. We will also have our classic viennoiserie selection on pre-order, and the comeback of the strawberry tarts, which, if we remember well, stole your heart. And stomach.

Only 1 more sleep to go before we see you again...