Week 23

Who would have expected such weather for a comeback. As everyone knows, warmth is a challenge for products like cream, butter and yeast. And what has at least two of them ? Croissant ! When we opened this winter, the marble on our working bench was really cold. I thought it'd be great for summer, thinking the cold was coming from the fridge under. But last Tuesday , while cutting the first croissants, the dough started to stick to the table, retracting and proofing, but also the thin layers of butter were starting to melt. I guess the marble is also keeping the heat from the atmosphere. We reacted accordingly to limit these unwanted side effects, but we still have room for improvement.

The bigger part of the oven is still being repaired. No news about when it would be ready, but we really hope it will be before Saturday. Only having the smaller oven was actually not a bad thing. With more "free" time between loading up ovens, and starting baking just one hour earlier, I could start the pastry of the week earlier than I had expected. But we did open with less products for walk-ins, and you were excited to have your treats for the weekend. We will try to keep you up to date with the Crowdfunding on this newsletter. We had a good call with Crowd About Now (recommended by our friends from Ulmus), and funny enough, someone recommended US to THEM as well. We will work this week on our application, and hopefully get it done fast enough. In the meantime, we have ordered a batch brew equipment, which will arrive in a few weeks. Filter coffee will be soon available, iced and/or milked, as you like.

Last Saturday, some of you got their hands on some cherry danishes. I have seen really tasty cherries on Lindenhoff's website, and I had to try them. They were too good not to use. The cherry season is quite short, so I do not want to miss out on offering you good products. So this week's pastry will be a cherry tart, seasoned with a hint of cardamom. I do not usually like cherry in desserts, as they are good enough freshly pick up from a tree, slightly warmed up by the sun (can you tell we had a cherry tree back home ?) I managed to find the right balance to my taste with that tart, and I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

I hope you enjoyed the sunny days, and we see you soon !