Week 24

Batch brew is almost here !

Yes, you have read it right. The batch brew will soon arrive. Probably not in time for this Saturday, but most likely sometimes next week, we will be ready to hook you up for your caffein fix. I am probably as excited as you are to finally be able to get easy coffee when I am working at the shop. Oh, and for you to get a nice filter with your croissant, of course.

Also, if you have been reading the newsletter for a bit now, you are probably wondering where the ice creams at. And so am I. I have done the toppings yesterday, and the guys from Top Craft Ice Creams will pick them up today. Which means they will produce our 3 exclusives flavors and you will soon be able to use them as refreshment on these days !

The oven has been fixed last week, just in time for Saturday's production. It was weird to be that happy to see a stranger walking into the shop with the fixed missing piece for our oven. I felt like hugging him, but we are still in a pandemic you know, so I behaved accordingly (I think...)

This week, you will be able to put your hands on our lemon & lime tart. With its little kick from the marmelade at the bottom of the tart shell, topped with the creamy but not greasy lemon curd. A treat to not feel too full with that warm weather.

In the meantime, good luck for your week, and see you soon !