Week 25

The Batch Brew is here !

That was probably the best news we've had last week (besides putting an order for cooling equipment), but the filter coffee settings got delivered right on time before Saturday. I have played around a bit, not really knowing how to use it on Friday, like a kid on Christmas too impatient to play with the new toys instead of reading the manual. Coffee was no bueno, but it did not matter much at the time. I was happy. However, on Saturday, Yulia set up the grinder and after a second try, we finally managed to get a tasty result from that Guatemala coffee (washed) from White Label Coffee.

Due to some work being done in the building where the shop is, we might be able to use water only from 9am on Wednesday. As soon as the water will be on again, coffee will be brewed, and you will be able to get a cup to pair with your treats. Do not hesitate to ask for additional milk, we have regular milk from Moma, and Oatly oat milk.

Oh and important thing : if you bring your own re-usable cup, we give you a 10% discount on coffee, because you are helping us to create little bit less waste due to packaging. Even if our cups are biodegradable, every steps are good to make.

After the coffee being brewed, ice creams are being churned. Ann from Top Craft Ice Creams is putting the work on in order to deliver them before the weekend ! Re-thinking some of the dessert you had at the shop, we created 3 flavor mixes : - Chocolate, Chocolate Crumble and Hazelnut paste, - Vanilla, Peanut Butter Cookie and Caramel, - Lemon-thym infused Strawberry Sorbet with bits of Candied Lemon Peel.

I wanted something easy and tasty to eat, so they will all be available in Small (240ml) and Large (470ml) pints. To eat on the go or while watching a movie at home. It may have happen that I would eat a Large pint on my own, but I will deny it if someone talks about it. Innocent till proven guilty.

Stepping away from fruits a bit, the mille feuille will be back this weekend. The OG version with vanilla cream and hazelnut praliné, with a slightly different look, if I find enough time to work on it this week.

See you very soon !