Week 27

Since I have started to make viennoiserie at the shop, it has been a constant trial and error. Every day, every week, for each "pâton", I have been tweaking little things each time and see the impact on the final result, as much for the visual than the taste. Since the temperature has risen a bit in the shop, I had to adapt the process, and it actually helped me to get a better and more consistent product. It brings me a lot of satisfaction to see you guys eating and sharing our products on social media each week, or giving direct feedback with thumbs-up through the window, and I want to thank you for the energy that it brings me.

On Thursday, someone mentioned us in a comment about a croissant test from a journalist. I first thought "we were closed on Thursday, no way we are in the ranking", but on the picture, there were croissants that really looked like mine. And they were ! The journalist from Het Parool did the test a couple of Saturdays ago, with Chef Alain Caron and Florence from Levain Le Vin. How shocked was I when they announced that we had the 2nd best croissant in Amsterdam, details away from 1st. I was also super happy for our friends from Ulmus, who reached the top 10 with the most beautiful croissant distinction. Hard work pays off guys, and that is only the beginning for the new bakeries and pastry shops in the city.

That news made me realize that a lot of people are still reading newspapers. A lot of new customers showed up on Saturday, and we ran out of croissants and pain chocolat for 2 hours, waiting for the last batch to proof. The previous weeks were a bit quiet and I did not plan to produce many croissants. Our croissant is a 3 days process, so when you learn on Friday that Saturday will be way busier than expected, it is already too late. I still think we managed to provide enough products, and people who pre-ordered were the lucky ones. Be like these ones. You have until Thursday evening to do so. Even on Friday if I am a bit slow/busy to close the webshop on time.

Today, a new delivery of wine is coming ! We are getting a refill of your favorite white (Bezigon) and orange (Avis de Tempete). More Desordre are arriving as well, next to a very tasty Gamay from Beaujolais. A new white will be here as well, A la Fraiche by Sylvain Bock, which I am quite curious about.

Regarding the dessert of the week, I want to give you another try at this banger that was the Lime/Mint and Coconut tart. It is such a holiday dessert, one of my favorite ones so far. I hope you won't be shy this week with the pre-order. Oh, there will be some for sale on Wednesday if you ask nicely.

See you soon !