Week 27 (BYOC)

Bring Your Own Cups.


Starting from July 1st, the government is imposing a new surtax on disposable cups/food packaging, for takeaway and delivery.

That new tax is targeting single-use plastic and bio-plastique,
in order to help reduce their usage and therefor their waste.

It is to be paid by the customer when ordering to-go or delivery, if the packaging contains plastique.
You can avoid it if you bring your own cup and/or container.

You can find more information here :
Dutch government information for entrepreneurs (May 5, 2023) “New rules for disposable plastic cups and containers.


Since we've been serving coffee at the shop,
we have been giving a discount to our customers who brought their own cup (newsletter week 25 2021).
We will keep a 10cts discount on drinks if you bring your own cup,
but we will have to charge an additional 10cts if you need one.

We are also getting more reusable cups for on location usage,
and are looking for other alternatives.