Week 31

Thanks to our community, we managed to find a home ! Who would have thought that ! After our announce in a previous newsletter, we received a few nice ads for apartment in the city, and we should sign the new rental contract this week. Thank you again for everyone who tried to help us out, it means the world to us. Now we hope to stay in this one for quite a long time, as it would be my 4th home since I moved in Amsterdam.

At the shop, we often get asked about new flavors for our viennoiseries, or what are the new items. We are doing what we can to come up with new things, but these new items take time. I cannot put on the counter a product that I am half happy about. Secondly, some of the customers coming have a tunnel vision on plain croissants. We limit the amount of croissants to 4 per person for walk-ins, so you can try other things that we offer, but it is unfortunately not welcome the right way. I end up making and baking what sells in priority, but if you've known us for long enough, you know that the special things are coming out of the oven later in the day. A lot of new things are in a corner of my mind. They will come out once I have more time to make them happen, and we usually announce them on Instagram, so stay tuned.

I am still quite shocked/impressed by the quantities that are being made and sold every week. For example, once again on Saturday, we went through 10 loaves of sourdough brioche (sliced or full). No summer dip. Actually, sometimes I feel like it is busier than when you were not on vacations. We did realize that there was less people respecting social distancing. Some of us getting vaccinated, the government giving new directives, the summer vibe... make us a bit that we are still in a pandemic. We kindly ask you to respect some rules to protect our staff and our products :

- Wear a mask when inside the shop. If you don't have one, we can provide you with one.

- Only 3 people maximum inside (>12y.o)

- And one dog (almost had a dog fight this week)

- You should privilege Pin as the way of payment (or pre-order)

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

This week-end, you will offer you a blueberry tart. Paired with a light rosemary flavored cream, that tart will make you forget all the rainy days we just went through. They will be available after 12:00.

So, are you coming to see us ?