Week 32

With our apartment move coming at the end of the month, we have a bit more things to take care of outside of the shop. So we are thinking about closing for a week at the end of the month, or beginning of September. But don't you worry, we will keep you updated soon enough.

We are also grateful for everyone who came to the shop and did not mind wearing a face mask on Saturday. A very few complained about it, even if we are providing the face masks, free of charge. We went through 3 boxes of 50 masks, that's the only short term way we found to protect you, our staff and our products. Even if we are fully vaccinated now, if one of us get the virus, we could eventually contaminate more than 200 customers per opening days, until some symptoms shows up and get tested. Then we would need to close for 2 weeks. As an independent shop, that is a scenario that we cannot take the risk to go through. But we are a still impatient for the situation to get better and get a new counter (or glass in front of our current one).

In the next days, we will have some front of house trials. We are quite excited to see new people joining our team, and building a more steady team. It has been hard to find people available in August, and we cannot wait for this struggle to be over.

The blueberry tarts seemed to have sparked quite some interest to many of you, so we will offer it once again, slightly improved on the rosemary cream. Still available in multiple sizes, you have until Friday morning to order yours for a pick up on Saturday afternoon.

No rain has been announced until Sunday, so you are safe to come get your favorite treats. See you then!