Week 34

I am not going to lie, it was very nice to finally be home every day before 8pm last week. I was still not feeling 100 the whole time, very slow everyday, but I managed to get everything done for Saturday. It clearly helps when you have 6 days instead of 3 to meet the quantities.

I think I am back now. But it is still not wise to get ourselves too busy again yet. We still need to find a consistent team in the front before we can make bigger changes. Plus, with our move already coming next week, we will need to make time to start packing.

That is why, you will not find any pastry of the week, but there will be products on the counter for Saturday, like our plum danish, fruity almond croissants etc... And once our new pastry chef is coming in September, alongside with our front team, we will be back to "normal". At least until we finally understand how to open more days with our limitations.

We will then be closed on Wednesday September 1st and 4th because of our move, but we will send a reminder next week.

Can't wait to see you back tomorrow !