Week 35

Closed this week !

As we mentioned in the last newsletter, we are moving out. Not the shop, just us switching home, but we stay in the neighborhood. We will have a lot to do in the current place and the next one, that I will only be able to produce for our B2B clients. We will be back next week, Wednesday September 8th.

In the meantime, you can pay a visit to our friends from Ulmus, Rise or even Fort Negen, they also have tasty treats. We know we will as well !

An important milestone has been reached out last Saturday : 500 plain croissants were sold ! 140 croissants were pre-ordered, 360 were sold on the counter. I was shocked enough that I did not want to count the overall total of items baked and sold.

It was a satisfying day overall, with the usual 9 to 11am rush, followed with the usual little dip, but we ran out of croissants for only one hour this time, even if there was still a lot to choose from.

On another hand, the heavy customer flow is delaying our growth. Fridge space capacity is reached for Saturdays, which is not allowing us to provide the same quantities (or even two thirds of it) on weekdays, because we also need that same space for the dough to rest overnight, and the time it takes to produce such quantities. Another headache and constraint to work with on the way to open more days.

I will keep it short for today, we still have a lot to pack, and a lot of boxes to lift. No 25kg bags of flour this time.

Have a great week, and we will see you soon !

Reminder : - We will be closed on September 1st and 4th.