Week 37

Light change of our opening days

Please note : grammes will be closed this Wednesday,
but we will be open on Thursday instead.

That decision has been taken after one of our neighbor, and long time regular, came to the door of the shop and asked if we got the letter from Liander. I did get it, but did not open at that time.
It was sort of important, since it was explaining that there would be work done on the electricity in the neighborhood this Tuesday between 8h30 and 17h00.
Very handy to get such a big time slot when Tuesdays are one of the busiest day of the week, preparing and making the products for Wednesdays. Since I also do not know how long the power will be out, I need our fridges and freezers to be as empty as possible to not lose anything if they are off for longer than they should.

That exceptional change of opening day will challenge our weekly production organization. But on another hand, it will also give us some ideas and insights about how busy it could be on another day of the week than our regular Wednesday/Saturday.
Still in the pursuit of opening more days, it will be interesting to see how a morning full of baking could go along (or not...) with a regular production day and overlapping schedules.
More to come...

I am now please to confirm the venu of Cesar Augustyniak, on the last week of September. Best Apprentice of France a couple of years ago, we met when he came to help out for Amaury Guichon's collab with Yann Couvreur. He is now focusing on 100% vegetal pastries, sourcing the best ingredients.
On September 25th, we will have two pastries for you to try (pre-order only) and I cannot wait to share the details with you on the newsletter next week.

Until then, you have until Friday noon to place your order.

See you Thursday !