Week 39

Closed till October 9th

Who knew that there was such a demand for vegan pastries in Amsterdam ? By inviting Cesar, we kinda already knew, but we were still far from the truth. The quantity we planned was almost reach after 1 day of pre-order. We managed to make more, but some of the products we used take couple of days to be delivered, and would not arrive on time.

But we were all happy about the success of the collaboration.
It definitely gave us a new vision about our job, some recipes can be including in future creations, but I will be hard for me to walk away from butter, cream and eggs.

Now it is our turn to export our savoir faire. As I announced las week, we will be closed for about 10 days, as we just landed in Mexico. On Thursday, our chocolate croissant will be available at her new shop La Vitrine. The head pastry chef, Sofia Cortina, is a close friend of mine, ever since she interned at Pierre Herme.
She was so excited about her internship, that she came to Paris without knowing where to sleep. She ended up spending a full month hosted by my aunt, which gave her more time to find a place for her second month of internship. Since then, she work as a consultant for many brand in Latin America, and was elected Latin America's Best Pastry Chef by The50Best in 2020. We will also enjoy her wedding on Saturday, which was the main reason we booked our trip at the beginning.

So we will see you soon, on Saturday 9th, for more gluten and dairy at your favorite Zuid corner store.