Week 44

Opening on Fridays ?

The results from the survey are in ! Thank you again to everyone who participated, your support means a lot !
It is super funny to see how some of the answers are quite obvious for most of you, and some are evenly spread out within the choices. Here is a little condensed recap :
- 3/4 of you are coming at least once a month, mostly in the morning, around 9am till 11am (we know who you are, we see you)
- Most of you are busy in the afternoon, and do not necessarily find pre-ordering being an asset.
- You love having your treats for the weekends, and think that we should have baguettes (so cliché, hehe)

That being said, we already had some ideas about what could be the results, and they did not disappoint. Before we make too many changes at once, we will do a try out for an extra day opening (yay, finally). We will have a try-out on Friday November 16th, from 8am to 2pm, so mark your agendas ! But we will remind you on the next newsletters and at the shop.

The dessert of the week will be the same from last week. I am usually not a big fan of pears, but I have to say that this combo was quite bomb, and I would want to have it for another week before we change it up. Chestnuts are around the corner, you know where I am going ?
Attention though, this week, they will be available for pick-up from 12:00, like the ol' times. Schedule on Saturdays are still too busy and we are still on the lookout for an extra set of good hands to help us out, in the front of house and in the back (both full time).

I will leave you to it, and hopefully we will see you soon !