Week 45-46

The shop will be closed.

Don't worry, not this week, no so soon.

But if you came to the shop over the past 2 weeks (or visit the website), you probably saw the sign that we would be closed on Week 46 :
from Monday 14th untill November 22nd.

We will be back in full effect on Wednesday, November 23rd, with a new dessert to present you.

The past weeks were very tiring.
We knew that adding 4 new desserts to our range was doable production wise, but we underestimated how long it would take us to get accustomed to them.
But on the other side of the counter, you guys welcomed the pastries with great enthousiasm, especially on Saturdays, and that was the best reward you could have gave to us.

The espresso machine is also being put to good use.
Since early September, we wanted to introduce it to you little by little, and mainly to the ones of you coming to the store.
It was also a way to give time to our staff to be properly trained, and let them feel more confortable foaming and pouring your milk in your cappuccinos. Nawal did a great job at it.
We also welcomed Chris to our FOH team. She has strong barista experience, but also graduated from Cordon Bleu Paris in pastry.

In the next weeks, we will finalize a new dessert, and will introduce
this season's christmas logs. Like last year, we will offer 2 flavors, and they will be available for pre-order early December.

Thank you for the amazing support since the holidays and our last changes. It was surprisingly nice to hear some of you were missing the weekly newsletter, but I have to admit that it was also nice to turn
this writting time into sleeping time.

See you soon !

Reminder :
- This week, we are open :
Wed-Thurs-Fri from 8:00 till 14:00,
Saturday from 9:00 till 16:00.
- Pre-order your treats for Saturday is highly 
- Make sure you come at the right time based on your time slot, not earlier. But no worries if you are a bit late.
- The shop will be
closed from Monday 14th untill November 22nd.