Week 46

Did you know we would be open this upcoming Friday?
From 8am to 2pm? For walk-ins? As a try-out?

But do you also know what is on Thursday? Beaujolais Nouveau!
This wine is the youngest wine you can try.
In the Beaujolais region, right after harvest and bottling, wine makers boost a part of the production with yeast in order to get what they called the Nouveau or Primeur. This way, they can have an idea about how the wine is going to taste next year.
Made with 100% Gamay, you usually end up with a super fruity and floral red wine. In France, we usually joke about it tasting like banana. This year, with the help of Clavelin, we will have access to the Primeur from MQV (Mael Quentin). France has been hit with frost this year, which resulted in a less abundant harvest.
So he decided to only make Primeur this year, which means he has also been using the fruits from his best crops for this year's Beaujolais Nouveau. We cannot wait to try it, and for you to get it from us on Friday, or choose another great wine from our new selection !

Because of the extra opening day, there will be no dessert of the week this time. It is a bit unfortunate as most of you were excited to pre-order them for the last couple of weeks, but we will need to put our focus on our regular range.
If you are interested, we will have a few chestnut tarts available on Wednesday around 10am for walk-ins in the shop.

Have a great week and let's see who is coming 3 times this week ;)

Reminder :
- Tomorrow, we will be
open from 8:00 till 12:00
- Friday, we will be open from 8:00 till 14:00
- Pre-order your treats for Saturday is highly 
- Saturday, make sure you come at the right time based on your time slot. No worries if you are a bit late.
- Two lines are available : one for Pick-up on Churchill-laan, one for walk-ins on Maasstraat.