Week 5

Tuesday, webshop day.

What a way to end January !

To begin with, I could’ve only hoped for the enthusiasm for madeleines. The webshop started with 5 boxes, but it had to be restocked at least 5 times on the first day. Before I knew it, I had more than 200 pieces to make ! With the equipment that was supposed to arrive, but in the end did not, it was a challenge.

We have been told some of it will arrive on Wednesday this week, so depending on what's coming (surprise!) I will be able to offer different desserts and epicerie items for the upcoming weeks (considering a Mille-feuille comeback and/or some croissants..)

In the meantime, we started making some changes in the shop. More sanding, primering, painting, wallpapering and more.  I cannot thank our friends enough for helping us out.

To end where I started. Some of you did not manage to get Madeleines while the supply lasted, so this week will be your second chance to order them. There will also be a super charged coffee dessert called Opéra. Usually made with butter cream, I prefer mine with a coffee chantilly.

See you Saturday !