Week 6

Ready for this week ?

After a long wait, most of the equipment for the kitchen has arrived ! And the old one is gone. It only took three delivery days, 4 people, getting one window out of its frame (it would have been too simple to make it all fit through the tiny front door), and a lot of moving things around to get the best fit for the kitchen. It also implied to change where we envisioned to have our display and counter. The current layout is not definitive, but we are happy about the result. We still need to figure out the outlets, getting our espresso machine, and we will soon be good to go.

Once we were done with moving things around on Saturday, the weather surprised us with some snow, which I have been not so secretly been waiting since 2017. That was the perfect way to spend our Sunday.

Is it me or times flies like crazy these days ? Before we even realised it, it is Valentine's day already. For this occasion, I created a lovely tart, with flavours that will make anyone feel hugged (chocolate, caramel and cream. What could go wrong ?).

The peanut & chocolate tart will make its comeback to second this week's special. The madeleines and both cookies will also be at the party.

See you Saturday, and stay warm !