Week 22

Some outside renovation will happen on the Maasstraat over the next weeks. When I arrived at the shop yesterday to start preparing the weekly production, our windows were dirty, as if someone tried to clean them with dusty water and let it dry out. It costed me some judgemental looks from some of our neighbours, because the shop's windows were the only ones like this. After cleaning them myself at the end of the day (with clear water and soap), I then realised that the work had actually already started a bit, and the workers cleaned up all the wooden window frames in order to prepare sanding and painting.
The company said via email that they would take care of the entrance first, on our closing days to avoid to interfere too much with customers coming in. Looking forward to see the result.

Last week, we got from our first cherries of the season from Lindenhoff.
It immediately made me think this week's dessert :
a Pistachio and cherry tart.
Unlike the cherry tart we made last year, the pistachio will be the star. Cherry will be a nice add-on to help elevate the pistachio taste, with a hint of cardamom for a light kick.
You'll be able to get it in Individual size, 3-4 people and 6-8 people.

On another note, we got the nice surprise to be mentionned on elle.nl's shortlist of places to get authentic French products in Amsterdam. Merci !

Have a great Tuesday, and see you soon !

Reminder :
- This week, we are open :
Wed-Thurs-Fri from 8:00 till 14:00,
Saturday from 9:00 till 16:00.
- Pre-order your treats for Saturday is highly 
- Make sure you come at the right time based on your time slot, not earlier. But no worries if you are a bit late.
- Two lines are available : one for Pick-up on Churchill-laan, one for walk-ins on Maasstraat.