Week 7

What's good this week ?

The feedback from the Valentine's tart were better than we could have asked for. It filled us with so much joy, and we are grateful for your trust with such an intimate moment.
In addition to the weekly pick-up, Saints & Stars (an Amsterdam based gym) asked us to partake in their Valentine's care-package, which they were giving out to 50 of their Gold Members on Sunday. It included our signature Peanut & Chocolate tart with their logo on top.

This week we have a special guest : Cyril, a baker and connoisseur from Viron Mills. Viron is a mill located in Chartres, one hour away from my home town. With his knowledge of their flours Cyril will help to create the best methods and ingredients for killer croissants and other delicious viennoiseries. Amongst testing different flours, we are also testing different butters and mixing processes. If we happen to make too many try-outs and you are in the neighbourhood, you might get lucky and get a sample (stay tuned on IG stories).

All the kitchen equipment is connected and running now, so we decided to put the laminating table into intensive use for this Saturday. You've guessed it, the Mille-Feuille is back !
Depending on how far our tests this week will come, there could be a surprise appearance on the webshop at the end of the week.


See you Saturday, and do not fall through the ice !