Week 26

Zomer aan de Maas

This Saturday the Maastraat is celebrating summer.
After 2 years off, due to obvious reasons, Zomer Aan De Maas is coming back. Most of the festivities will take place around Maasplein, and alongside with other shops from the edges of Maastraat (over Churchill-Laan and under Rooseveltlaan) we were offered a little stand near the center of the street. We really wanted to be part of it and introduce our shop to a bit more of our neighbor, but unfortunatelly, we will be understaffed that same Saturday. We are still looking for a solution in order to provide some of our products there, maybe in the same stand as our neighbors from Jonker, let's see.
That is why there will be no dessert of the weekend for pre-order :(

But it is always an event that people from the neighborhood are looking forward to, so even if you are not from the area, that is the perfect time to discover what the Rivierenbuurt has to offer.

Because we are short in staff, that means we are looking for staff.
Romi is doing her last shifts with us this week in front of house, so we will be looking for someone from August. Ideally we are looking for a Barista, with experience for a full time position, but we are also open to part-time depending on applicants, motivation and experience.

We will also be in need for a new experienced pastry chef from mid-August/early September, for a full-time position. With the new counter and pastry case coming over in July, we need someone who can be able to make our pastries daily, indepedently and creatively.

Shoot us an email if you are interested :)

We noticed recently that some places have raised the prices of their products due to multiple reasons. We suffered some price rises as well. The butter we use for croissants is now 10+euro/kg, our energy bill has doubled, and I am dreading a bit to see how high will be our next flour delivery. We are still willing to keep our prices as they are at the moment, conscious that you are also suffering from these rises. We will try to absorb as much as possible, but it will not last forever.
Over our summer break, I will run the numbers and see by how much these costs affects the price of a products, the profit we can/should make, but most important the retail price. We are not the most expensive croissant of Amsterdam (I see some 2,30-2,50 at others),
we will try to find a creative way to compensate these costs, without neglecting quality, nor impacting your wallet too much.

I have to get going now, I hope to see you guys this week !

NB : the shop will be closed in July, from the 10th till the 27th.

Reminder :
- This week, we are open :
Wed-Thurs-Fri from 8:00 till 14:00,
Saturday from 9:00 till 16:00.
- Pre-order your treats for Saturday is highly 
- Make sure you come at the right time based on your time slot, not earlier. But no worries if you are a bit late.