Week 31

Last week started off with its fair share of question : How many of our customers would be on vacations, how many people would show up once we open again, which products should we prioritize etc...
There are only so much you can do in a regular working day, but we also wanted to be able to offer a nice range of products.
We were only missing Kouin Amann and Savory twisters for most of the week, and I guess I was a bit shy with quantities to avoid waste.
Surprisingly, we sold out on all weekdays, even though we started with similar quantities as before the break and kept adding more products.

We were super happy to see familiar faces, but also new ones.
Some of them meant to come earlier this year, but could not because they are living on the other side of town. Others were actually coming from abroad, visiting Amsterdam for the holidays and made a point to have their butter fix at grammes.

It was ouf first week working with the new counter as well.
It took some time to find the right spot for the products, the best way to display, but also to find a nice work flow. In the end, we still have a couple of weeks to figure it out before the whole counter is being used fully, and we are also waiting for Tossia's feedback (still on holiday).

Looking forward to see you guys this week, and the comeback of the good weather in the city.

Reminder :
- This week, we are open :
Wed-Thurs-Fri from 8:00 till 14:00,
Saturday from 9:00 till 16:00.
- Pre-order your treats for Saturday is highly 
- Make sure you come at the right time based on your time slot, not earlier. But no worries if you are a bit late.