Week 8

Sun's out, buns out !

A little air of spring has blessed us these past days. Especially this past Saturday with many people out in the sun, which also meant many walk-ins. It is frustrating to refuse selling products, but in a couple of weeks, we should finally be able to open more ofter than every Saturdays, and serve you many different treats at least 5 days a week.

This week I will focus on many try-outs at the shop. I have received a spiral mixer which will help with the croissant dough. I will also need to make new desserts for the webshop and our B2B clients. But mostly getting back into a working routine, and being more familiar with the space and equipment.

The buns I was referring to in the tittle are obviously sweet buns, AKA Brioche. We will offer that special Bressane one in two sizes and flavours. You will also be able to put your hands on a classic but tasty Lemon/Lime tart.

And again, depending on how our tests are going, there will most likely be a surprise appearance on the webshop on Friday.

Stay tuned, and see you Saturday !