Week 4


will unfortunately close
from January 30th until February 7th included.

We'll be back on Wednesday February 7th.

We were thinking about other ways to celebrate our 2 years.
But due to lack of staff in the kitchen, we need to take a breather in order to focus on finding our new staff members.
Once we find that person, we will be able to open a 5th day !

When we open in 2021, I was working my ass off to offer the best products possible. Nawal was helping me out from time to time as the demand grew, and we hired our first employee in September 2021. We managed to grew organically, hiring more staff in the kitchen and in the front, but this month, it feel like a step back.
Working 60+ hours in the kitchen is not something that I am scared of, because I have been doing that on our first opening year, and at some other occasions when staff was sick or on holidays.
But this time, I cannot keep going this way, for my physical and mental health.

On February 6th, one of our co-worker will be back from her break, and hopefully, we will have found 1 or 2 of our new teammates.

This way, we will be able to offer your a Valentine's day dessert for Saturday 11th. That dessert will also be available on Tuesday 14th for pick up only, in a box to share for 2 people.
Then, from the 15th, we will have a new pastry range in addition to our viennoiserie.

In the meantime, thank you for your understanding, and if you know anyone experienced looking to be part of a growing company, send us an email.


Maxime, Nawal, and the grammes Team