Week 6

Here it is!

Our Valentine's Special, 2023 version.

This year Valentine's dessert is a tart shell with coconut dacquoise soaked with passion fruit,
a Ruby chocolate ganache surrounding a heart of Passion gel,
and topped with a coconut chantilly.

From Saturday Feb. 11th, they will be available as individual
and as a box to share (2 pieces), until Saturday 18th.

Because Valentine's Day lands on a Tuesday, we will be open,
but only for pre-order pickups.

Don't forget to add some of your favorite items to your order ;)


Even though we were closed, the past week was not totally off.

Some work was done inside the shop, we managed to catch up on some administration, but also conducted some interviews.
We still have a couple of interviews and try outs to be done, so we are still in the process. This means that the return of the pastries will wait a bit more, or will come back little by little.

We also managed to catch up on some sleep, work out a little, visited some other bakery shops (in Amsterdam and Rotterdam), and boy, how cheap our products are.
Average croissant price : 2,33 euros
Average pain choc price : 3,25 euros
Cedric Grollet pricing, but half the size and not as flavorful.
Luckily we've tasted some very good ones,
but we were sad to see some of the products not reaching their full potential.

We are doing our best to stay affordable without neglecting quality,
but as all ingredient/energy prices are rising, do not forget to show some love to all of your favorite small and local places.