Week 35

Since she joined our team,
I wanted to work with Ayaka to create a matcha dessert,and it is here !
Following the idea of our Cappuccino tart, we wanted to transpose the feeling of drinking a Matcha Latte into a tart.
For the longest time, all the matcha dessert I had tasted were very bitter and earthy, I trusted Ayaka's knowledge to find a ground, where matcha lovers and matcha curious would meet.

We decided that the new desserts would last 1 month on display.
Keeping them for 2 weeks was great for us to offer different products often, but it would not leave enough time to potential customer to come and try it as soon as it comes out.

But don't wait out, it will be gone from October !

On another hand, we have been struggling with recruitment.
Since March, we had a note on our window, and in June we posted a job description on Instagram. Unfortunately, only a handful of applicants replied, and none of them worked out so far.
It is a bit hard as owner to realize we cannot develop the company how we wanted, share knowledge with like minded people and see them evolve professionally and personally.
We are grateful for our team, which most of them have been here for about a year, but we will remain patient and our next step will happen when it is supposed to.

See you soon !