Week 9

Another week, another dessert !

And another trial for the viennoiserie. The results we have been getting are satisfying, but we are not totally happy. We do get a nice crust and an airy inside, but the croissants are lacking some flavours in my opinion. A nicer butter should help. Last Saturday, we also offered new viennoiseries on the counter : the Layered Brioche. We made it in 3 versions (sugar, lemon or vanilla) and I was really happy about the outcome and your response as they sold out pretty fast.

This week, I imagined a treat that will satisfy most of coffee lovers. That cappuccino tart has a good balance with coffee, sweetness, nutty flavours and "foam". I could not help myself from eating one after Nawal took the pictures. You will also be able to get your croissants for this weekend, and just as last week, I will add the chocolate ones on Friday alongside with some layered brioche (release via IG, so stay alert). If you miss out, some products will be available for walk-ins.

I am considering adding another day for viennoiserie pick-up from next week, I would be curious to know which day would be the most convenient.

Stay tuned, and see you Saturday !